CPH_IconCapital Pacific Builder Services is available to provide home builder services on your existing or future projects.  Our goal is to provide a wide range of value-added builder services, upon demand, drawing from a significant talent pool and a widespread network of builder professionals.  Capital Pacific’s platform is available to provide specialized services in support of a wide range of projects, both attached and detached; with projects designed to be offered for sale or for rent/lease, regardless of current condition or status.  
Forward Planning/Plan Analysis Purchasing and Procurement Construction and Customer Service
Zoning and plat review
Environmental and soils analysis
Plan suitability analysis
Code compliance review
Value engineering
Energy and sustainability analysis
Utility analysis
Plan specification analysis
Comprehensive set of detached and attached
home plans
Contract bid analysis, including detail job cost build-ups
Scope of work compliance review
Subcontractor/supplier evaluation
Subcontractor/supplier negotiation
Materials take-off estimation services
Work performance to payment review
Insurance compliance review
Turnkey construction management capability
Construction scheduling analysis
Quality assurance/quality control analysis
Construction safety review services
Permitting and jurisdictional process capability
On-site cost containment review services
Erosion and sedimentation control capability
Home ownership delivery capability
Home punch list services
Home remodel and maintenance services
Warranty service process analysis
Centralized warranty scheduling capability
Regulatory Compliance Services Sales and Marketing Finance and Accounting
Storm Water Management Compliance Services
Jurisdictional Code Compliance
Performance and Public Improvements
Bond Evaluation & Exoneration
Energy Star Certified
Environmental Impact
HOA Management and Turnover
Sales staff recruiting, training and retention services
Contract to closing process system review
Pricing to market analysis
Full service brokerage services
Full service marketing management capability
Cash flow and income projection capability
Integrated job cost and payment processes
Lien law compliance processes
Project sensitivity analysis
Sales contract offer analysis
Budgetary analysis and compliance review
Asset stewardship
Taxation assessment review and payment services
Forensic analysis