Builder Services

Capital Pacific Builder Services is available to provide home builder services on your existing or future projects.  Our goal is to provide a wide range of value-added builder services, upon demand, drawing from a significant talent pool and a widespread network of builder professionals.  Capital Pacific’s platform is available to provide specialized services in support of a wide range of projects, both attached and detached; with projects designed to be offered for sale or for rent/lease, regardless of current condition or status.

In response to market conditions and following requests to provide various services in support of existing projects, Capital Pacific offers its builder platform and expertise in direct support of owners and investors.  Capital Pacific has a proven track record of putting together creative financing structures and has the capacity to develop or critically analyze comprehensive project plans.  Capital Pacific offers the network and resources necessary to implement and deliver upon project plans, once developed.  With access to a full range of fully engineered, cost effective and energy efficient home plans, and the Capital Pacific Homes brand, Capital Pacific Builder Services is positioned as a full service builder with a recognized brand and “quick strike” capability.

Capital Pacific has relevant expertise and a proven track record in development, forward planning, purchasing and procurement, regulatory compliance, construction and customer service, sales and marketing, as well as a full assortment of finance and accounting competencies.  Capital Pacific’s deep expertise is available to provide project oversight in one or all of the specialties, or if the need exists, to take full-charge of project responsibilities.  As Capital Pacific has a number of active projects, the available builder platform provides an owner or investor the benefits normally derived only from multiple asset investments.  Benefits such as high volume buying power and managerial economies of scale are critical in maximizing asset return.

Capital Pacific has a web-based financial system, which includes an integrated sales contract to job-cost to payment system, detailed construction schedules, an integrated budget and project sensitivity capability and full charge case projection, accounting and reporting systems.

Capital Pacific’s solutions oriented approach can be applied to maximize the returns of even the most complicated projects.  For projects which are targeted to be offered for sale or for rent/lease, we have the ability to critically model and analyze build-out and cash-out scenarios, and more importantly, deliver against the assumptions provided.  With significant expertise and experience, licensing and jurisdictional relationships, an existing, proven network of builder professionals, Capital Pacific’s comprehensive builder services can be quickly applied to maximize the value of virtually any project.  Lastly, our extensive understanding of systems and processes, coupled with the insight that is provided by extensive experience dealing with the building operating cycle, provides an effective platform from which to perform forensic services, as necessary.